Hi - I'm Ryan Scheuer, a designer and developer from Brooklyn

I make fonts, images, and websites.
Currently vibing at Faculty
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Spiritual Engineering is an open-source typeface directory and information sharing hub. Using as a backend service, the site allows users to contribute new content instantly.

Services used: Svelte, Sapper, Opentype.js, Node — with Grant Gulla

Services used: Next.js, Shopify — with ECCO

Offial site for ECCO Collaborative Typeface.

ECCO (Earth Coincidence Control Office) is an online community of like-minded type designers in the form of a Discord server. The group came together to develop a full latin-extended typeface, with each member contriuting a single glyph.

Services used: FontLab, Opentype.js, A lot of CSS

Site for my friends at General Purpose, a wonderful design studio based in NYC.

Services used: Kirby CMS, Bulma, Interact.js

Website & identity for Copenhagen-based creative outlet KRISTIANKIRK.

Services used: Kirby CMS, WebGL, Cinema4D


RS Powerline

RS Raine

RS Gantz

RS Faith

RS Gremlin (3 weights)

More coming soon once I get organized


Full portfolio available upon request