Hi - I'm Ryan Scheuer, a designer and developer from Brooklyn

I make fonts, images, and websites.
Co-founder of Spiritual Engineering.
Art Director at Company C.
Design Engineer at Tomorrow's Weather.
Previously designer and engineer at Faculty
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Spiritual Engineering is an anti-profit type distribution platform and a for-profit technology and design office.

Services used: SvelteKit, Sanity, No GSAP :)

Spiritual Engineering is an open-source typeface directory and information sharing hub. Using as a backend service, the site allows users to contribute new content instantly.

Services used: Svelte, Sapper, Opentype.js, Node — with Grant Gulla

Design & development of an online shop & editorial site for a fashion brand

Services used: Next.js, Shopify, Sanity — with ECCO

Offial site for ECCO Collaborative Typeface.

ECCO (Earth Coincidence Control Office) is an online community of like-minded type designers in the form of a Discord server. The group came together to develop a full latin-extended typeface, with each member contriuting a single glyph.

Services used: FontLab, Opentype.js, A lot of CSS

Site for my friends at General Purpose, a wonderful design studio based in NYC.

Services used: Kirby CMS, Bulma, Interact.js

A small online tool designed to quickly share ephemeral, collaborative moodboards.

Services used: Svelte, Firebase

Website & identity for Copenhagen-based creative outlet KRISTIANKIRK.

Services used: Kirby CMS, WebGL, Cinema4D


Acitevleh 75 Dlob (NEW)

RS Powerline

RS Raine

RS Gantz

RS Faith

RS Gremlin (3 weights)

More coming soon once I get organized

Open Source Files

Halftone Effect (NEW)

It's freeee

Client List

The New School Policy and Design for Outer Space, SIZED Studio, Capslock Magazine, Pirate Radio, Irregular Labs, NGHTMRE, GRRL, Hidden NY, NDA Fashion Brand


Full portfolio available upon request

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